If you ask me, a lot of my social media material (snapchats, tweets, instagrams, you know the rest) are inspired by my surroundings at home.  Mom, dad, bro, sis, dogs that lick things 24/7……..

Maybe. Just MAYBE, we could all spare our followers the overflow of pictures of my dogs licking things by only posting those via Slide.  Share quality photos for your siblings to see while you wait for dinner to be ready, ya know?  Don’t have siblings? Heck!  Share them with the ma and pa! Make it like some family bonding.


You can use the upload feature to post stuff like this to remind your siblings TO CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL FOR ONCE



Or you can post a picture of the best Spongebob face in the history of Spongebob faces



You can post a picture of your cute family to remind them how cute you are together. S’CUTE!



You can dwell on how cool Grandma is



You can relive the “Grandma is drinking scotch” face over and over again



You can take selfies with Grandpa passed out on the couch


And he can take selfies with you passed out on the couch


You can take pictures of your dogs making out



And of course, you can take pictures of your dogs licking things

(I will spare you)


Last but not least, mom can post a picture for when dinner is ready because we all know if she just yells, “DINNERRR!” down the hallway that it is actually not ready yet.

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