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Aside from the streets, the car game LIVES in pictures. If you’re into the car scene, you probably know that everyday ritual of swapping pics of covetable hot vehicles from Stancenation and Superstreet with your fellow petrolheads.

But, what if you took that same one-upping, picture-swapping culture that goes hand in hand with the car game, and made it more “real-time?” Let’s see how a new app called ‘Slide’ could fit into our car lives.

Imagine going to your next meet–you’re at the spot checking out all the great (and not-so-great) vehicles in the area, when you open up Slide and see a picture of your ride someone just uploaded, on a feed for everyone in the area to see! You look over at your car, where a small crowd has gathered to check out what they just saw on Slide.

Of course, you could just upload a picture of your car yourself–or you could share other cars you find cool in real time. The bottom line is that you’d be able to check out a car you saw in a picture, right away in person.
Basically, Slide adds to that fun show-off factor that the car scene is both loved and loathed for. It’s icing on the cake for folks who put hours of time into their precious cars and enjoy seeing other people’s work, too. Not all of us will make it to Superstreet magazine, but you can bet there’ll be a place for every ride on Slide.

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