Apps are tools. Of course, a good tool will give its user flexibility to do many things.
Slide, as a simple photo sharing tool, is as good or as goofy as whatever you use it for. Since it’s just a means of sharing pictures quickly and easily, there are lots of chances to use it, and there’s lots you can do with it.


1. Sharing funny stuff 

An obvious, most reasonable application. Chances are, you laughed at something you saw on the internet this week, and maybe you kept a screenshot of it. If you’re near a friend, you can easily turn one laugh into two with a swipe.

Or, to be more aggressive…

2. Spamming friends

They’re your friends, they can handle it, they’ll just laugh it off. Slide’s rapid-fire swipe sharing makes it pretty easy to dominate your nearby friend’s phone notifications. Do it, for the power. Send pictures of your face. Send pictures of the minions they hate so much. Send anything, just don’t stop.

3. Using While Shopping

If you’re shopping for clothes, why not try stuff on and Slide from the dressing room to get your friends’ opinions on your fresh fit??

4. dank memes

I wanted to avoid this one. I did. But if dank memes can be shared, they will be. It’s an inconvenient truth–Slide is a home for photos, meaning it’s fair game. If you happen to love dank memes, let Slide be your sword and shield in the dank wars. If you hate dank memes but your friend loves them, and you both have Slide, I’m sorry, it may soon be all ogre for you.

5. Sending Normal Photos

Normal pictures on slide?? Is that even possible with an app that works with such fast swiping action? Actually, yeah–Slide is just a tool, after all. Go ahead and take a ‘real picture,’ something that’s just nice, whether it’s a selfie, a butterfly you saw, anything.
Or of course, go wild and have fun with it. That’s the nice thing about Slide–it can be as normal or crazy as you like.


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