Attention Frat Lords and Sorority Divas, there is a new app for you.  You know how there is a professional photographer at semi-formal and mixers that takes awkward pictures of you and your date?  Do you ever anxiously wait for those (usually embarrassing) pictures to be posted on FaceBook so that you can untag yourself as soon as possible?  Yeah, me too.

image03Well, now with Slide, the first photo sharing app based on proximity, only the people that are nearby can see the pictures. Plus, these pictures are the good ones!  No more awkward pictures in front of a gray curtain.  You can take a picture, or even upload one.  With the simple slide of your finger, it will share to everyone in the same room.  That means only the party people can see the pictures!  As long as they have the app, they can see the pictures.  You don’t even need to have their digits.

image01When you check out the feed, you can see who took whom to the event, who was lookin’ fine, who had the best costume, or even who had the best breakdancing moves.  The possibilities are endless with this app.

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