So, you’ve finally come to LA Anime Expo, THE most popular anime convention in the US! This event is huge–each year, the LA convention center becomes home to over 86,000 fans. There are tons of festivities to participate in, like fan panels, pop karaoke, and cosplay parades. Plus, the con is hardly lacking in star power, boasting a guest list with community favorites like South Korean Cosplayer AZA, and industry guests like anime producer Atsuhiro Iwakami. With all this, you’d have to try pretty hard to have a bad time at the expo!

…Or so you’re told. With so much stuff to see and do, it’s easy to get stressed out, especially if you’re a con first timer.

Stress is understandable…after all, good planning is key to getting the most from your con experience. But many people forget to also relax! Amidst the crazy pace of events like Anime Expo, it can be easy to forget the best part of coming to such an event. Here’s a hint: it’s not just about visiting every event you can, meeting as many stars as you can, or copping as much exclusive merchandise as possible (It’s not?!)

When it comes down to it, what makes conventions great is being able to share the experience with your fellow attendees. What would a big convention be without the convening? Any con goer can tell you–there’s something cool about being in a place full of strangers that speak your language.

So in short, find events that suit you, and take breaks in between the bustle to chill and enjoy the presence of your fellow fans. Take a rest in the manga lounge, compliment someone’s cosplay, or share something cool you saw with everyone near you by uploading it to Slide. Take some time to be still amongst the bustle, and enjoy that unspoken con bond. After all, everyone’s there for the same reason: To share a fantastic convention experience.

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