While the launch of Slide has been very favorably received, we often hear the question, “Isn’t this airdrop?” I love this question because it gives us a great opportunity to show off the cool technology that we’ve created. For those that aren’t familiar with airdrop, it’s an Apple file sharing feature available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac which lets you send photos, video, and contacts to people nearby via your phone’s bluetooth connection. For those not yet familiar with Slide, we are a social photo sharing app that uses your phone’s bluetooth connection to share photos to others nearby.

Sounds pretty similar, I agree, however, our secret sauce is found in what airdrop does not let you do and that is airdrop DOES NOT let you send a photo to someone who has their phone in their pocket (or purse) on standby. In order to send a photo using airdrop both the sender and receiver must have their phones on and open in order to discover each other and send a photo. With Slide you can snap a photo, slide your screen up, and the photo instantly goes to everyone’s Slide photo feed without phones needing to be open. In fact, the app doesn’t even need to be open in the background. We think this is pretty cool because now people can be at an event, such as a wedding or birthday party, and get an instant live feed of photos taken by others around them while they are dancing the night away or in deep conversation about their fantasy football team.

Our goal in developing Slide was to create an incredibly simple way for people to share photos with each other without needing to be connected on social media or have each other’s contact information. In Slide, everyone in the 200 foot proximity is your friend that you can interact with by sharing, liking, or commenting on a photo. We want to help people break the ice, make a friend, or, at a minimum, get that group photo that never gets sent out.


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