Music is not the only thing that will entertain you at Outside Lands.  When you see, touch, taste, and listen to everything that is going on at this music festival, it’s hard to resist posting it to social media.  Share it with everyone around you by using Slide!  Here are a few good ideas of what to look for this weekend.


The most talented human in the universe


Your delicious, refreshing, and overpriced craft beer

Embrace it!



The girl who is on too many drugs and is making out with a tall, dark, and handsome tree

Hide yo kids..


The extra long porta potty line

Enter at your own risk!!! Or, if you feel like grossing out your friends, just take a picture of the inside!


Eating cheese with your new found friend after you misplaced all of your actual friends

This may or may not have happened to me.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra performing

You can act like you know this band and seem super cool….


Your Trendy Outfit

Where’s your flower headband??


DJ Mustard

Gotta love the classic “MUSTARD ON THE BEAT” line at the beginning of every song. Upload a picture of him performing OR maybe something more literal. Tehehe

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